NeuroRelax + SlimOn + EBook
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NeuroRelax + SlimOn + EBook

734 Opinions
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  • Feel rested and toned 
  • Lose excess weight
  • Rediscover the healthy way of life
  • Detox your body
  • Restore the body completely
  • NeuroRelax (15 capsules) + Slim ON (15 capsules)

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in Germany

Get a gift with every order
of a promotional package

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Be Rested  
Feel in Shape            
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Why is this 
my product?

  • I don't sleep well and find myself gaining weight

  • I adhere to a diet, but there are no results

  • I work a lot and can't lose weight

  • I don't get enough sleep and don't feel toned

  • I want to lose weight but I don't know how

  • I feel low on energy and would like to improve my overall condition

            The secret            

Our premium ingredients have been chosen by the best German specialists and have a proven effect on insomnia and weight loss.

of use

NeuroRelax - Take 1 capsule in the evening. 
Slim On - Take 1-2 capsules daily 
before a meal.

Improve your health with



I'm pleased, I also take antidepressants, but with these pills I feel much better mood- and tranquility-wise. I've been taking them for 4-5 months and plan to continue!


I've been taking it for 8 days already and feel much better than before. I no longer have to take antidepressants. I recommend it to everyone!


I've been using the food supplement for a month and I'm extremely pleased. Now I sleep very well and I wake up rested and strong in the morning. Strongly recommend !!!


An incredible product. I lost 7 kilograms! I assure everyone who's still wondering whether they should buy it that they're not going to regret it!


I'm at the third packing and I can see a very remarkable effect. Ever since I started taking it, I've been in control. They help me with the quick procession of food, which was a big issue for me. A great product!


These supplements work! This is the second month of taking them and I've managed to reduce 2 cm of my waist. There's no yo-yo effect and it doesn't cause stomach pain. Ladies, I recommend it to you!


I've been using it for a week and I'm extremely happy with it! What's written on the box corresponds with the truth completely! I feel calm, concentrated, the panic attacks are significantly reduced!