Stretch & Lotion + EBook
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Stretch & Lotion + EBook

641 Opinions
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  • Remove stretch marks forever
  • Hydrate your skin
  • Enjoy velvet-like skin
  • Remove stretch mark-caused imperfections
  • Gift yourself a beauty therapy
  • BodyOn Stretch (150 ml) & BodyOn Lotion (150 ml)

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in Germany

Get a gift with every order
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Defeat Stretch marks
Feel Hydrated  
Look Stunning

Why is this 
my product?

  • I want to remove stretch marks

  • I like my skin hydrated

  • I want to brighten my complexion

  • I'm looking for a product to prevent scars during pregnancy

  • I have sensitive skin

  • Good quality and price are important to me

            The secret            

Our premium ingredients have been chosen by the best German specialists and have a proven effect on skin structure, its hydration and stretch mark removal.

of use

BodyOn Cosmetics - Apply with gentle oval motions on clean skin. Slim ON - Take 1-2 capsules daily at least 30 mins. before a meal.

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The lotion has a great  scent of arnica. Softens the skin and retains its aroma for a very long time. It doesn't leave any marks on the clothes.


I've been fighting stretch marks from an early age. Thanks to this lotion, they started getting blue again and disappearing - I'm amazed by the result! I achieved this by using the product for 2 months, now I use the ordinary lotion from the series.


I'm 25 and don't have any significant problems with dry skin yet. Despite that, I had never used a body lotion until a few months ago, because it felt sticky, oily and I didn't consider it necessary. I suddenly got stretch marks. I started applying this product and they faded away in the very beginning. I'm very pleased with its quick action.


For me, body cosmetics should do several things - nourish the skin, soften and hydrate. The BodyOn Lotion corresponds with my requirements and I'm really pleased with it.


It hydrates the skin wonderfull and the scent is lasting and enchanting. I'm really content with the brand and switch between the different kinds according to the aroma and the need I have.


I used to have stretch marks on my breasts because of my pregnancy. I started using this lotion and I was very pleased. The results were not visible from the very beginning, but after the 4th-5th week, some of the stretch marks started fading and disappearing. I recommend it to all mothers who missed the moment and have to deal with the result now.


I started using it every day since the third month of my pregnancy. I got admitted to give birth with a huge baby bump and not a single stretch mark ANYWHERE! A great product.


I have sensitive skin and I've tried using a lot of creams and lotions, but I would always get red spots and blemishes. I don't have this problem with this lotion. It smells great, gets absorbed quickly and doesn't irritate the skin.